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Adeology: Power of advertisement as substitute for Ideology.

Afro-Colonization of White Wombs or ACOWW: Consequence of Jungle Fever fanned by nature and pushed by Jew-run media whereby white women see black men as the superior men, reject white men, and offer their white wombs to black men to create black babies who effectively womb-murder white children that could have been. ACOWW is often the result of BAMMAMA.

Anti-White Defamation: 'Hate Hoaxes' perpetrated and hyped(usually by shameless Jews, homos, and blacks) to defame whites as 'supremacists' and 'haters'.

Anglo/Americans: Anglo-Americans and Anglo-Europeans combined.

Anglo-Europeans: Non-Anglo White Europeans who assimilated into Anglo-American, Anglo-Canadian, or Anglo-Australian ways and culture. A Polish-American and Greek-American who became Americanized are Anglo-Europeans.

Anxi-Semitism: Anxiety about Jewish/Semitic power and influence to subvert goy peoples and cultures. Palestinians were Anxi-Semitic about the mass-migration-invasion by Zionists.

Assboy: Homosexual male.

Assnik: Homosexual male.

Bagel Republic: Jewish-corrupted goy democracy where politicians and leaders are essentially Whores of Zion or WOZ. A play on 'banana republic'.

BAMMAMA: Blacks Are More Muscular and More Aggressive. A stark biological fact made obvious by consequences of racial integration. As blacks are tougher and rougher than whites, BAMMAMA leads to black on white violence that humiliates white men and robs them of manhood. BAMMAMA leads to ACOWW.

Bung-Donging: Homo Fecal-Penetration.

Canti-Semites: Jews who are full of cant in all their Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy.

Criminal Revolution: The explosion of crime and thuggery from within the black community since the 1960s following the Civil Rights Movement. Comparable to Cultural Revolution in China.

Crypto-Apartheid: A policy of racial or ethnic segregation by means other than the law. Jewish Liberals who joined the White Flight, used gentrification to drive out blacks, and implemented Stop-and-Frisk policies to discourage black presence & crime practice a form of crypto-apartheid, all the while endlessly nagging about past Segregation in the South.

Crypto-Supremacism: A wolf-in-sheep's-clothing agenda of pushing supremacism while pretending to be for equality. Jewish Liberals are crypto-supremacist. They talk a good game about social justice, the end-result of all their proposed and enacted policies is More Power to Jews.

Cucky-Wucks: Especially pitiful Cucks who indulge in Cucky-Wuckery.

Cuckremacy: When one cucks to serve the supremacism of another group. White people cucking to Jews to support Zionist supremacist tyranny over Palestinians is cuckremacist. 'Whiggers' imitating and celebrating supremacist Black Thug Culture that terrorizes non-blacks is a cuckremacism in action.

Demockery: Mockery of a democracy, like allowing oligarchs to buy up all politicians and allowing illegals to vote.

Dong Factor: The role of penis size as a mover of history. As European elites plan to fill the EU with hundreds of millions of black men with dongs bigger than those of white men and as white women are raised to worship blacks and celebrate jungle fever, it's very possible that the Dong Factor will play a decisive role in the Africanization of the white race.

Dorsey: As a verb,  'to dorsey' means to pledge a general principle fair to all sides but then works behind the scene with powerful groups to favor certain sides and viewpoints over others. "Are you dorsing me around?" Named after Jack Dorsey(a pathetic cuck of ADL) who promises a bias-free Twitter but then censors conservatives 20 times more than liberals and favors Zionist supremacists over Palestinian freedom-fighters. As a noun, a dorsey is a false promise like that made by Jack Dorsey of Twitter. "Is he trying to pull a dorsey on me?"

Dotkin: A person of Asian-Indian extraction.

Dotter: A person of Asian-Indian extraction.
End of Iconarrative: The Jewish fixing of iconography and narrative to permanently elevate Jews, Negroes, and Homos as Eternally Holy People.

Exsacrement or Exsacrament: Excremental Sacrament or when something foul is made into an object of worship. Homomania is exsacremental(or exsacramental) in the sense that encourages quasi-worship of the holy homo who is into bung-banging.

Exurbodus: Exodus of Urban Whites to the suburbs. Often caused by black crime.

Fruiter: Homo

Fruitkin: Homo

Garks: Oligarchs.

Gay-Ray: Homo propaganda via electronic media controlled by Jews. Gay-Ray is part of J-Ray or Jewish Ray emitted by Sunstein. See also J-Ray and Sunstein.

Geary: A white politician or 'leader', usually Wasp, who serves as shill to Globo-Homo Jewish Power. Mitt Romney is a geary of Mega-Zionists. Named after Patrick Geary in THE GODFATHER PART 2.

Globodomor(or Globo-Domor): The ruthless and murderous policy of Jews to destroy and eradicate entire populations to further the Jewish Hegemonic Agenda. Just like Lazar Kaganovich didn't shed a single tear for millions of Slavic Christians dying of man-made famine during Forced Collectivization of the 1930s, today's hideous Jews such as Madeline Albright, Max Boot, Thomas Friedman, William Kristol, and many others don't give a damn about all the goyim, white-Arab-black-brown, ground to dust by Wars and Sanctions for Israel.

Globo-Homo(or GloboHomo): Globalist Hegemonism of Jews that uses Homosexuals as key agents and Homomania as missionary or missionfairy faith.

Globogroms(or Globalist Pogroms): Destruction of nations(mostly Arab or Muslim) by Jewish-dominated US for the benefit of Zionist supremacism.

Groidian Knot: The psycho-socio-historical-sexual-cultural knot in which the white race(and other races) are tied in an onerous knot with the Negro race, aka the 'groids'. Even though sane people know that Black nature is destructive to civilization, the combination of 'white guilt' about Magic Negro and white fever about Mandingo Nigga makes it extremely difficult for whites to untie their fate from that of blacks. Untying the Groidian Knot or Not will determine the future of the white race and Western Civilization. Failure to do so will lead to ACOWW(Afro-colonization of white wombs) and POTWB(pussification of the white boy). Success in doing so will save the white race and its civilizational wonders.

Groids of London: The idea that the New Face of Great Britain must be Afro-Negroid.

Gumbic Logic: Especially twisted logic of PC or reality denial.

Helga-Heather Syndrome: A set of conditions where the culture comes to prize dainty damsels over tough women with strong backs and shoulders. In the barbarian world, Helgas were prized. But with rise of civilization, Heathers were idealized. Over time, men favored Heathers as mates, and their children got more and more wussy and pansy because their mothers were Heathers than Helgas.

Holy Three: Three most sacred cows of PC are Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

Homo Fecal-Penetration: What homo males do to each other.

Homofactual: A fact-and-truth based argument that 'homophobia' is baseless and doesn't exist. It is a fact that homo men do indulge in gross acts of homo fecal-penetration that violates biological health and function. And lesbian 'sex' isn't really sex at all. Homofactualism argues that it is not 'irrational' or clinically sick in the head -- as the term 'homophobia' would have us believe -- for straight people to be put off by the perverse weirdness of homosexuality. Most people who are deemed as 'homophobic' are actually homofactual. But being factual and honest about homosexuality is the equivalent of noticing that the Emperor wears no clothes in our age.

Homokin: A Homo

Homomania: Mass mania that celebrates and virtually worships Homos(and Trannies) as sacred cows and holy angels. A tool of Jews to replace Christianity with a new 'universal' faith of their own choosing. See also 'Queertianity'.

Homophobia: A fantastical term of a non-existent phenomenon. Phobia is an extreme panicked fear & dread of something harmless. While plenty of people find homosexuality physically gross or morally decrepit, there has never been a case of people freaking out in fear and panic over homosexuals. Therefore, homophobia simply doesn't exist. The term is used to imply that anyone who is opposed to the homo agenda(or critical of homo behavior) is afflicted with mental sickness.

Identity-over-Ideology: Belief that one's racial, cultural, and historical identity should be the core of one's being, and that ideology should guide and serve Identity.

Identicentrism: The idea that ideology must revolve around identity.

Ideocentrism: The idea that identity must revolve around ideology.

Ideology-over-Identity: Belief that one should subordinate or surrender one's identity in favor of an ideology esp of universalist bent. Whites are losing to Jews because whereas Jews are identity-over-ideology, whites are ideology-over-identity.

Idology: The study or practice of idolatry as an effective instrument of political power, spiritual sway, and social control.

Idolt: A dolt who worships silly idols, pop or political.

Inter-Diversity: Diversity around the world caused and maintained by separation and security from others species and groups. Japanese in Japan and Turks in Turkey are a case of Inter-diversity.

Intra-Diversity: Diversity within a single order that usually leads to strife and conflict, even war and mass murder. Hutus and Tutsis distrusting and hating one another within Rwanda is Intra-diversity.

Inversal Values: What Jewish Power really practices. While Jews claim to be for 'universal values', they hypocritically rig the game to ensure that Jewish interests come out on top. It's as their Word is the World. So, Jews say Americanism is about equality but then say we must support Zionists over Palestinians. Jews say we must foreign influence(Russia, China, etc) but say US must totally put to Israel and AIPAC. Jews say they are for free speech but cook up 'hate speech' to silence anyone they hate. Thus, black is white and white is black in the Inversal Values pushed by Jews.

Inverse Reality: Pretense by Academia, Media, and Deep State that the World is the inverse of what it's really like. For example, Zionists oppress Palestinians, but we are to pretend Jews need protection from Palestinians. The US encircles Russia, but we are to believe Russia is the aggressor. Blacks commit the most crime, but we are told that innocent blacks are set upon by whites.

J-Ray: Jewish Ray. Jews control the mass media, and we are all bombarded with the J-Ray transmitted through electronic devices. Jews manage the emission of signals that determine the kinds of images and sounds flickering on the screens. We own our TVs, but Jews get to decide what we see. See also Gay-Ray.

Japansy: Japan as Pansy nation of wussy 'herbivore' men who lack confidence to be husbands and fathers.

Jewish Justice: The kind of favorable justice enjoyed by Jews. Even corrupt, venal, and/or murderous Jews are treated with kid gloves. See also 'Palestinian Justice'.

Jewgromo: Jewish-Negro-Homo as the Holy Three of PC.

Jewage: Jewish Sewage, especially Jewish Cultural Sewage.

Jewish Supremacism: The Current state of the US and the World. Jewish Supremacists control media, academia, finance, law, vice industries, Deep State, & etc
to enforce policies that generally favor Jewish and Zionist biases, privilege, and interests.

Kid-Propping: The use of children as political props by cynical or fanatical adults. It is the last refuge of scoundrels as children can be made to believe just about anything. The idea is that the cause or agenda is SO JUST that even kids understand. But the fact is kids don't understand the full complexity of the issue. Low-life teachers, parents, and politicians often resort to kid-propping.

Libby-Dibs: The current degenerated members of Liberalism that has little resemblance with Classic Liberal themes.

Mandate for the West: If Mandate for Palestine led to replacement of Palestinians with Jews, Mandate for the West is to replace native-whites(in Europe) and founder-whites(in America and Australia) with non-whites.

Mandate of Zion: The decree of Jews upon the world that goyim must obey... or else.

Mandela-Mandingo Cult: Globo-Homo Propaganda of promoting blacks as the Magic Negro and Monster Nigga to undermine whites with both 'white guilt' worship and 'white cuck' submission.

Maximum-Damage-Value: Maximum moral damage a certain topic or issue may have on a group. For example, the issue of the Armenia Genocide has maximum-damage-value against Turks.

Meta-Jews: People who have special privileges like the globalist supremacist Jews. Blacks and Homos are treated as Meta-Jews by the Power.

Meta-Palestinians: People who are treated by the Power like how Palestinians are treated by Zionist imperialists in West Bank and Gaza. In the US, Jewish Power treats white people as Meta-Palestinians.

Middle Finger America: Middle America that gives the middle finger to globo-homo elites who don't care about flyover country.

Minimum-Damage-Value: Minimum moral damage a certain topic or issue may have on a group.  Soviet Communism has minimum-damage-value against Southern whites as they had nothing to do with it, plus the fact that they opposed communism.

Mono-Nationalism: An idea that only the nationalism of your people has validity. It's like monotheism of Jews that disdained all other gods as false idols. According to Jews, only they deserve national identity and territory. Israel is for Jews forever. But goy nations must be opened up so that it's native populations will eventually be overrun like Palestinians have been in the Nakba pogroms.

Nakba Pogroms: The 1948 tragedy that befell the Palestinians. Zionists, with backing of US, USSR, and UK, ethnically cleansed 600,000 to 700,000 Palestinians from their homeland in the final creation of Israel.

Nascencide: Nascence-cide, or the mass national-demographic phenomenon where a population declines and dies due to prevention or destruction of new life in the wombs. East Asia and the White West are most affected by Nascencide.

NSMF(or NSMFR): Normal-Straight-Male-Female or Normal-Straight-Male-Female-Real. If homos and trannies, a mere 2.5% of the population, gets to have multi-lettered acronyms, the Normals that constitutes 97.5% of humanity deserve an acronym even more.

Out of North Africa Theory or ONAT: Specifies that Europeans and Asians evolved from North African populations that had already developed markedly distinct from Sub-Saharan African populations. Thus, contrary to the general impression(due to 'Out of Africa' Theory) that Europeans and black Africans are separated by 60,000 yrs, they could actually be separated by more than 100,000 or 150,000 yrs.

Palestinian Justice: The kind of justice that is used by Zionists against Palestinians. In the US, white conservatives & patriots can only expect Palestinian Justice from the Jewish Supremacist power structure. See also 'Jewish Justice'.

Panzer-Pansy Syndrome: A set of conditions where the bravest and toughest men go to battle and die before passing down their genes. Thus, the weakling men who stay behind pass down their genes, and there is degeneration over the generations. Romans were tough men but so many of them died in battles. The weaklings who stayed behind had children & passed down their pansy genes and, over time, these weakened people became cowardly Italians. But the rise of pansy genes may have led to the Renaissance.

Parajournal or Parajournalism: A form of journalism that, like Paranormal Studies, obsesses over fantastical narratives. 'Hate Hoaxes' for example.

Parapolitics: A form of political fantasism promoted by Jewish-controlled media and the Deep State that the biggest threat to American Order & Justice are KKK, Neo-Nazis, and roaming gangs of Maga-hat wearing lunatics who attack helpless Jews, blacks, and Homos.

Partial Empowerment: When a certain component of the whole is 'equally empowered' at the expense of the whole. If the kicker in football is given same role as quarterback, it is partial empowerment(for the kicker) that undermines the good of the team as a whole.

Passover Rights: Allowing exceptions for Jews while the rule applies to all other groups. So, Jews say all goyim must forsake ethno-nationalism, BUT Israel is to praised for its ethno-nationalism.

Poly-Nationalism: The idea that every people, culture, and land are deserving of nationalism. It is the opposite of Jewish Mono-Nationalism that says ONLY Jews and Israel have right of Nationalism while all goy nations must be subject to open borders and replacement immigration.

Pooterin: A political worldview centered on the demands of one's vagina or pooter. Related to 'pudkin'. Jewish feminism seeks a Pooterin 'covenant'(aka 'cuntenant') to replace the traditional covenant.

Proggies: The current degenerated members of Progressivism that has little resemblance with Classic Progressive themes.

Proglodytes: An especially vulgar and crude kind of Proggies prone to street violence, thuggery, and vandalism. Antifa are Proglodytes.

Pudkin: A political, cultural, and historical worldview centered on the needs of the penis or pud. Essentially a Jewish sexual-spiritual ideology as expressed in the Covenant where God blessed Jews by telling their men to focus on their puds and circumcision.

Pussification of the White Boy(POTWB): Process of emasculating white boys and men by combination of castrating feminism, cucking jungle fever, cult of 'white guilt', bending over to Homomania, and servitude to Jewish Supremacism.

Queertianity: Homomania as replacement for Christianity. A brainchild and buttchild of the Jews.

Racism: A term cleverly devised to fool us that ANY belief in racial reality is a form of hate, bigotry, or supremacism. -Ism means belief, so race + ism should mean the belief in the reality of race and possibility of racial differences. But because 'racism' has been defined as mindless racial hatred or supremacism, the term effectively negates a neutral term for belief in the reality of race.

Race-ism: A defiant term that insists that Race + Ism must mean belief in racial reality and racial differences. It is a refusal to cave to the twisted logic of Jewish-controlled PC.

Replacement Immigration: A form of immigration-invasion whereupon the native population is overwhelmed and effectively replaced by new peoples. Palestinians lost their homeland due to Zionist replacement immigration.

Replenishment Immigration: A form of immigration where most immigrants are of the same racial stock and cultural background as the native population. Thus, newcomers replenish than replace the existing population. More Jews coming to Israel is a form of replenishment-immigration: New Jews to replenish existing Jews. When the US favored white immigrants, it had a replenishment immigration policy. But since the 1965 Immigration Bill, US has been subject to replacement immigration.

Sacradence: A societal condition whereby decadence goes from being tolerated as natural vice to being elevated as the new sanctity. Homo and tranny decadence went from being tolerated to being consecrated as the highest spiritual value in the West, though in neck-and-neck competition with Jew-Worship and Negro-Worship. Sacradence is far more dangerous than decadence. With decadence, at least you know vice is vice. With Sacredence, poison is mistaken as medicine, not unlike how the poisonous opioids peddled by the Sackler family came to sold as good medicine.

Schwarzria or Schwaria: If Sharia is about veiling and constricting women in the Muslim world, Schwarzria or Schwaria is the repressive convention by which goyim, especially whites, are gagged from speaking truthfully about Jewish Power. Schwarzria or Schwaria constitutes a tight set of rules and rituals by which goyim must worship Jews and never 'blaspheme' against holy Jewish power.

Silent Revolution: When great changes happen without public awareness of the full extent of the transformation. Jewish takeover of the West is a silent revolution. Because people are unaware of what really happened, they think the sudden changes in policy and values are the work of goyim(their own kind) than by Jews.

Sunstein: Jewish Monopoly of Mass Media. Jews control the media like Sun dominates the solar system.

Surrepto-Apartheid: Similar to Crypto-Apartheid. Resorting to surreptitious means to bring about segregation against groups deemed criminal or dangerous. Jews use surrepto-apartheid to keep their neighborhoods safe from black crime. Hyde Park in Chicago has heavy police presence to keep a close watch on potentially criminal blacks.

Surrepto-Supremacism: Similar to Crypto-Supremacism. Resorting to surreptitious means to gain supremacist advantage over others. Jews are experts of surrepto-supremacism. They push mass-immigration-invasion of non-whites into white nations in the name of 'inclusion', but the ultimate goal is to use divide-and-rule among diverse goyim to advantage Jewish elite power.

Sympa-Supremacism: Politics of sympathy where certain groups are favored for sympathy and compassion over others. US is sympa-supremacist toward Jews over Palestinians. Even though Israel is the aggressor against Palestinians in West Bank, American sympa-supremacism views Jews as the righteous people defending Israel from Palestinians. In the US, sympa-supremacism in favor of blacks overlooks the fact that most racial crime is black-on-white. As blacks are regarded as an especially holy group, even black perpetrators are often idealized as 'victims'.
TOM: The Outrage Mob

Tooter: Homo

Tootkin: Homo

Trankenstein Medicine: Frankenstein Medicine used to perpetuate Tranny Madness.

Tru-Semite: A person who is Tru-Semitic.

Tru-Semitic: Thinking and speaking in accordance to Tru-Semitism.

Tru-Semitism: Being truthful about Jewish power and realities.

Trumania: Refers to the movie TRUMAN SHOW. The state of the Modern West in which capitalist corporations, in collusion with the Deep State, maintain the illusion of freedom and choice while nudge-nudging us at every turn to stick to the tenets of globo-homo.

UMOFO(or U-MOFO): Unidentified Mofo. Usually a product of mendacity, the Negro's figment of imagination of white mofos who be prowling around to attack, terrorize, or lynch black people. These phantasmic figures remain unidentified except that they are white and male. With the ubiquity of CCTV and bodycams on cops, most UMOFO sightings have been disproved like the UFO sightings in the 70s.

UMS(or Urban Moving Systems): Jewish Globalist Supremacist Power prone to nihilism and gangsterism. It refers to the front company used by 'Dancing Israelis' involved with 9/11. UMS suggests Jews are urban, busy, and mobile all around the world to spread subversion, terror, and other nefarious acts.

Virtue Vanity: The preening vanity of white proggies who think they are morally so superior because they pontificate endlessly about Jews, Homos, and Negroes while blaming everything on Evil Whitey

Virtue-Vaping: Addiction to PC and constant hits of holier-than-thou drug.
White Rush: The phenomenon of non-whites rushing to white or white-made nations for better and easier lives. Gold Rush is about people rushing for easy gold. White Rush is about non-whites rushing for easy white gold.

White Immunity: What non-Jewish elites strive for in order to justify their 'white privilege'. By spouting PC cliches, they demonstrate that their own 'privilege' as 'good whites' is okay. They have attained white immunity.

White Supremacism: A term used by Jews to divert people's attention from Jewish Supremacism that really rules the world. It is also used to shame whites and others into believing that ANY consciousness in favor of white identity and interests is 'supremacist'. For example, even "It's Okay to be White" is 'white supremacist'.

WOZ or Whore(s) of Zion: Most US and EU politicians and 'leaders' are WOZ.

Yupster: Yuppie + Hipster.